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                Turn your passions into profit with Amway products.

                • Nutrition


                  The best of nature and science

                  The Nutrilite™ brand combines the best of nature with the best of science to provide vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements designed to fill nutritional gaps in your diet.

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                • Beauty


                  Infused with nature, perfected by science

                  Artistry™ products offer personalized solutions with skincare, color and makeup for one-of-a-kind beauty. They’re also the tools of entrepreneurs around the world—a striking mashup of beauty and business.

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                • Home


                  Healthy home, healthy planet

                  Amway helps make homes cleaner and safer with high-performing products for water and air purification, cooking and cleaning needs.

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                • Energy + Sport

                  Energy + Sport

                  XSperience more

                  XS™ Energy is more than just an energy drink and sports nutrition brand. It’s a fresh approach to business.

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                looking down from straight overhead at a clean desk with two open laptops a plant and a notepad and pen

                Our story

                How do we know so much about starting a business? Amway was founded by two entrepreneurs who started numerous business ventures of their own and saw the importance of helping others do the same. From Beijing to Barcelona, Seoul to San Diego, millions of Amway Business Owners carry on this legacy.

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                scientific flask filled with freshly picked acerola cherries

                Quality and innovation

                Because people (not stores) sell our products, it’s their reputation on the line. That’s why everything we make has to be exceptional. Our global R&D team partners with leading universities and institutes to create some of the most innovative products on the planet. From organic farming to high-tech manufacturing, we take quality seriously.

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                5 smiling and laughing young Chinese girls hugging on a playground

                Caring for communities

                We care about the communities we work and live in. That’s why we use our expertise to solve world challenges to help empower people everywhere. Our employees and business owners also volunteer for causes they care about around the world. We’re more than just advocates—we’re activists who aim to change the world.

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